News GTN 160x160 km files

GTN 160x160 km files


For planning the Global Geohemical Reference Network sampling, a Global Terrestrial Network (GTN) has been established, which comprises 7356 grid cells of 160x160 km.  The file can be downloaded from the Sampling/GTN 160x160 km web page.  Further, the file covering the whole Earth (land and water bodies) of 19,833 grid cells of 160x160 km is available for downloading.


Files of 5 and 8 random points for the selection of catchment basins to be sampled have been generated, and these are available for downloading from Sampling web page.


A file with 16 random points has also been generated, and this is for countries wishing to carry out a wide-spaced geochemical survey using a higher sampling density random design.  It is noted that this is not a recommended sampling design for the global Geochemical Reference Network project