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Future Work

Future Work

IUGS Commission on Global Geochemical Baselines

  • Completion in 2019 the International Union of Geological Sciences Manual of Standard Methods for Establishing the Global Geochemical Reference Network;

  • Revision of the Darnley et al. (1995) IGC 259 report by removing all contradictory parts;

  • Writing an easy to understand book for policy- and decision-makers explaining the significance of the Global Geochemical Reference Network project for the present and future generations, and the need for all countries to carry out the project at the same time.  Such a decision needs to reach the highest level in global politics, and this is the United Nations General Assembly, and

  • Encouraging large continental blocks to establish Geochemistry Working Groups similar to the EuroGeoSurveys Geochemistry Expert Group.



  • Publication of China Geochemical Atlas of 39 Elements;

  • Updating of Global-scale Geochemical Baselines in China, covering diverse landscape terrains using a variety of materials such as floodplain sediments, major river delta sediments, soils and desert regolith;

  • International cooperation on obtaining harmonised geochemical data.



  • Compilation of an electronic popular version of the Geochemical Atlas of Europe;

  • Data processing of new analytical results and interpretation;

  • Updating of project Website at

  • Free access of the European Geochemical Atlas of Agricultural and Grazing land soil by the end of 2019 []